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pendant lightsWhen designed properly, pendant lighting is massively more energy efficient. Many other types of light bulbs are terrible energy sinks that fail to use energy properly, which is one reason incandescent and fluorescent bulbs feel so hot. In incandescent bulbs in particular, the energy expenditure on unnecessary heating is as high as ninety percent. The Energy Star pendant replacement bulbs utilize one quarter of the energy used by incandescent light bulbs. Energy savings of that magnitude can lead to tremendous monetary savings over the course of years. Many people clip coupons and opt for simple ways of saving money in difficult economic times: LED lights are environmentally and economically friendly.

 What Are Pendant Lights And How They Work

There is a crucial distinction between energy efficiency that comes from using proportionately less energy, and energy efficiency that comes from properly using existing resources in the first place. While making reductions in energy usage across the board is difficult, making sure that all energy is put to good use is essential. Asking people to turn off their lights more often may be reasonable or unreasonable, depending on the situation or their lights usage. Asking people to opt for LED replacement bulbs essentially allows them to do what they have always done, except with a different set of lights.

what is pendant lightingThe difference between pendant light bulbs and incandescent light bulbs is immediately apparent, given the difference in external heat. pendant bulbs, when designed properly, also tend to be functional for much longer than incandescent bulbs or fluorescent lights. Homeowners tend to be very surprised about just how long they can keep using their LED bulbs, especially if they have grown accustomed to older models. Incandescent bulbs, with their glass components, also tend to be much more fragile than LED replacement bulbs, which only detracts from their life spans. The upfront costs associated with LED lights are also coming down as they increase in popularity and become solid competitors for their neighbouring incandescent bulbs and fluorescent lights.

What is the difference between 12V led lights & 240V led lights and what is needed to run 12V led lights in one’s house?

very nice pendant downlightsTwelve volt led pendant lights are different from 240 volt lights in the power supply that is used The 12v down lights use an external power system whereas the 240v system used a different type of power system internally powered. As far as amounts of power used, both types of lights use almost the same amount of power. Most of the systems that use 12v led lights convert the power from the 240v systems so that it can be effectively used in the 12v lighting systems. There is a very slight difference in the amount of heat produced by both system of lighting but it is not a significant amount.

Using 12v Pendant Lighting

Users of the 12v led lights will find that they are nearly eighty percent more efficient than the older type lighting bulbs, last at least ten times as long and are a better benefit because they produce less heat, thereby reducing any risk of fires by a  great deal. More residential owners and businesses are converting from the 240v lights to the longer lasting 12v systems for homes and offices. There are great advantages to using 12v systems in your landscaping and low level lighting needs for the home and outdoor areas.

What Do You Need To Run Pendant Lights In Your Home

For home use, the transformers and generators need to be capable of converting the power from a higher rating to one that is compatible with the 12v system. There are a number of transformers out there on the market, but the best ones are designed to work with the different 12v led lights; the Radium Bluemaxx and the Orem Redback are most recommended. LED drivers are also used in the system for home use. It is important to check with local building codes and regulations when converting from one power system to another to make sure everything is installed safely.

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